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Plastic packaging recovery (HDPE)


MAGMA has a long career in the recovery and recycling of plastic. The company deals with all kinds of plastic both hazardous and not hazardous. Its main speciality is the recycling of contaminated and not contaminated HDPE.

With the aim of constantly improving its processes, MAGMA bets on technological innovation. In that sense, it has available a last generation line, that is capable of obtaining very high quality material.

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Recovery process HDPE:

hdpeIn the instant in which the waste reaches the plant, a triage is carried out, and the appreciated part is separated from the non-appreciated. All plastic which is not HDPE is separated, is classified according to type (PP, PELD etc ) and is sent to specialized management. The large containers which have waste are cleaned beforehand.

Once the contaminated HDPE has been classified, it is introduced in the treatment line, passing through a primary shredder and then a second one. Obtaining a material with a maximum size of 1 -2cm. Once the waste is cut, it is washed with special additives. It then goes through a densifier in order to separate possible non plastic material, and through a centrifuge to dry. Once it is clean and decontaminated, the material is sent directly to packaging for storage and future expedition. HDPE can be reintroduced into the market as raw material.




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