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Waste transfer centre (WTC)


MAGMA has various waste transfer centres (WTC ) located in different communities, all of them equipped with the latest technology in order to carry out a correct managing of that waste which should be transferred to different destinies.

The tasks carried out when the waste reaches the WTC are the following:

  • Waste reception. Check that all documentation is correct.
  • All vehicles are weighed at the entrance and exit in order to obtain the net weight of waste of waste delivered to our installations
  • Identification and classification. With the help of the laboratory, all the material is analyzed verifying its characteristics.
  • Correct labelling and conditioning for temporary storage (maximum 6 months) and for its future transport to its final manager.

MAGMA has different collaborators that guarantee that each waste product receives the suitable final treatment. The company also has a fleet of eleven vehicles of different configuration, authorized for transporting dangerous and not dangerous waste.



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